So, how effective are Emojis in marketing?

As consumers, we use emojis every hour of every day – and we’re all guilty of this, but it’s okay as it’s now known to be the new digital language. Surprisingly, ‘two-thirds of millennials find it easier to express their emotions through emojis, rather than written words’ – maybe because it’s a visual extension of what we’re feeling/ trying to communicate.

So what use is there for emojis in marketing – and how relevant, both socially and financially, can they be for businesses and brands alike?

Emoji marketing has so many benefits and intriguing possibilities – a campaign focused on emojis can straight up pull and attract millennials in. Already several forward-thinking brands have adapted to the new #emoji “revolutionary” take-over… For example, the golden arched cooperate giant that is McDonalds got on board with the trend, with their ‘Good Times’ campaign. Other brands include Ikea, WWF, and Dominos Pizza.

Seriously, there is even a company founded on the “overused” aubergine (eggplant) emoji… Eggplant Mail says us millennial types use it (🍆) too much when messaging so they’re taking a stance, by “diluting its original meaning”. Honestly, this is a legit company – making profit and revenue, by sending aubergines around the world with a personalised message on them!

This all might sound a bit daft and humorous to you, but if emoji marketing is generating mass engagement (importantly shares) and increasing companies capital then jump on the emoji bandwagon – and try to emulate this current trend.