Join the FLAMINGOS on the sofa for our Social Media workshop!

Workshops aren’t all about sitting down for hours on end and listening to the monotonous tone of the voice. Here at Easson Media we have found the FUN in workshops, and especially when it’s all about social media, as we are obsessed!

We want to help you grow on social media, and get the very BEST out of your business online, by giving you all the tricks of the trade that most people tend to miss out on… We can’t disclose everything about the workshop otherwise it won’t be as fun and exciting for you. We encourage everyone and anyone to get involved.

So why join one of our workshops?

  • Want more recognition and reach online?
  • Want to generate more leads?
  • Stuck for content to put on your social media?
  • To know  all the tricks of social media…

You want to be just like Donald Trump on Twitter? (and yes we are joking!)

We cover everything that will help you get the best out of your business on socials, as social media is a HUGE part of today’s society and culture – its constantly evolving and you can’t afford to fall behind the race.

What do the workshops entail?

The tricks and tips about the key platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc…


FREE Flamingos for everyone who attends, inflatable of course, as well as Krispy Crème donuts (yum) & lots & lots of coffee! YUM!

All details (location, date, time) of our next workshop will be released in due course – so subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of the all important details!

To join our next workshop simply email – We hope to see you soon!!