From #STARTUP to SUCCESS, entrepreneur lessons you ought to learn from Robert Rodriguez

Many of you probably don’t know who Robert Rodriguez is, a few of his cinematic endeavours include: Sin City, Planet Terror, Machete and From Dusk Till Dawn. Rodriguez, otherwise known as the ‘one-man film crew’ or the Rebel Without A Crew, made a hit independent film with a $7,000 budget. And he did so with only one camera, one piece of sound equipment, no crew, and his finances was largely raised by subjecting himself into lots of medical experimentations. He clearly demonstrated the countless ways to do-it-for-free, for what the professionals would spend thousands on, and without a second thought.

From #STARTUPLIFE to SUCCESS, here are the 8 entrepreneur qualities you ought to learn from Hollywood director, Robert Rodriguez 🎬:

1) Defy Convention – Swim Against The Tide.

I firmly believe that to be successful you have to take risks. Typically, the higher the risks are, the higher the rewards will be. Agree? Rodriguez exploded convention, that you need at least a million dollars to make a feature film – he proved Hollywood wrong and was a true innovator of his time.

2) Listen To Advice – Maybe?

Remember its always good to take on other peoples advice. Just remember there’s no such thing as bad advice. It’s only bad advice if you listen to it. Sometimes you need to learn what not to do.

3) Trademark Yourself – Brand. Build. Brand.

Just like Rodriguez did. He trademarked and branded himself with his unique filmmaking style into one of Hollywood’s most distinguished auteurial directors. Branding is so important.

4) Passion & Determination – DRIVEN TO SUCCEED

All you need is a real sense of passion, determination and a dream to start something new (i.e. startup your own company or move into a different career industry).

5) Be Disruptive – (Again, Defy Convention)

Whatever industry you’re in…..BE DISRUPTIVE! Have creativity and the ingenuity to think outside the box to disrupt your industry’s marketplace! Take the unconventional approach…

6) Have Integrity – Fundamental Quality

Frankly its good to be honest and trustworthy, especially in an industry full of bulls***ers (harsh, but true).

7) Utilise Connections – Resourcefulness Is Key.

Be nice to every person(s) you meet in business, as you never know when you might need their help. Resourcefulness is key.

8) Patience – Time

Prove your worth, time and value. It takes a long time to get where you want to eventually be. Be patient.

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