Social Media, a free online tool to utilise in any way you want. Whether you’re a working professional, student or you’re simply a#CatsOfInstagram lover. Whatever your social media endeavours are, just make sure you are 2017 ready! Here’s how you can beat the current social media trends and forecasts, by implementing them into your social media marketing plan:

We all expected the unexpected with Instagram Stories… Everyone was quite reluctant at first to use Stories, as we all felt we were cheating on Snapchat. However, six months on from inception, Instagram Stories has somewhat replaced Snapchat, but we still ❤️  you SC. And it’s a great tool to use especially for brands, as it allows you to be less intangible and gives a more personable touch to your customers – plus you can now live stream all of your offices’ antics.

By far, the Boomerang app is our favourite to use as it drives engagement and boosts impressions. On average, a Twitter user is 62% more likely to click a link with a Boomerang attached to your tweet. It’s ideal for catching your potential customers’ interest and make them want to learn more! The Boomerang app is similar to a GIF, which loops back and forth in the span of 4 seconds. We definitely advise you implement this feature, especially if you want to reach that millennial “tech savvy” clientele base – but remember all good things in moderation!

Emoji Marketing can be an effective form of marketing in itself, follow this link to find out more. However, branded emojis MIGHT be the new craze in 2017… Branded Emojis such as Kimoji’s, Star Wars and Chymoji’s (sorry, but the Kardashian clan know how to market and brand themselves efficiently – so take note). And even more and more brands are doing the same by creating their very own branded emoji’s.

Three words. Visual. Video. Content. Implementing a consistent video strategy on social media is working indefinitely, especially for the likes of Facebook. Remember the difference between video platforms,YouTube users search whereas Facebook users are specifically targeted.

The Layout from Instagram app is a necessity. It’s an easy drag and drop process to use and it’s perfect for creating collages and quirky layouts with your chosen imagery.

A decline in influencer marketing 📉 . Yep, it’s a given and about time, to be honest. Consumers are fickle, and it’s well-known consumer behavioural patterns and trends change frequently. It doesn’t matter if its a cast member of Geordie Shore or Kylie Jenner herself. Consumers nowadays easily can look past these #Ads, thus becoming the pitfall of Influencer Marketing and the rise of Peer to Peer Marketing. An Instagram photo from one of the Kardashian-Jenner can range anywhere between £100,000 – £250,000 for ONE singular insta-post – yep, pretty likely to break your business model in half.


Snapchat Filter, at a fairly cost ineffective price, and a good way to create brand awareness as well as peer to peer engagement – with your own signature snap filter.

Whitagram – Want whiter teeth, the perfect skin? Your very own photoshop photo editor right at your fingertips. It’s a great application for retouching and jazzing up your content (or selfies) on the go.

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Is your website suffering “Dry January”?

2017, the year YOUR website should change!

It’s a given that having a website significantly improves your customer reach, no matter what services or products you offer – we already know this and its benefits.

But our question to you is how can you market online without an effective website?

It’s simple… you can’t! Your website’s your online tool to utilise and gain more customer leads and sales from – and more leads equals more potential revenue. Your website can’t just be sitting there in the internet ether either – it has to be marketed sufficiently and accordingly with the right SEO, branding etc. Think of your website as an extension of your business.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Branding – is your page branded properly, consistently and throughout.
  • SEO – Are you ranking on page #1 or #2 on Google?
  • 2017 Ready? Is your website up to date? Content so fresh that there’s no sell by date for a good few weeks?
  • More accessible and interactive to all users – mobile friendly?

Think of your website as an extension of your business, so if your web page needs a face lift for 2017 and you want to establish more customers/ increase your sales. Get in touch and give your website a purpose for 2017.