3 Top Applications For Twitter & Instagram To Boost Engagement

Here are three top mobile applications we recommend you use on your social media platforms… #enjoy

Boomerang – First and foremost, this is our favourite by far as the Bommerang App drives engagement and makes the most impressions. On average a Twitter user is 68% more likely to click a link with a Boomerang attached to your tweet. You want to catch your potential customers’ interest and make them want to know more! The Boomerang app is similar to a gif (like video), which loops back and forth in the space of 4 seconds – and its really fun to look at. We would highly recommend you use this APP for your Twitter and Instagram posts, as its so beneficial and kinda tech savvy – but remember all good things in moderation!!

Layout from Instagram – This is a great application to use if you have lots of images – perfect for creating collages! Create a fun layout with your images – it’s an EASY drag and drop process. Once you’ve completed your layout, it will look fab!

Whitagram – Want whiter teeth? Want perfect skin? Photoshop right at your fingertips. It’s a great app for retouching up all your photos. Highly recommend.  Jazz up your content

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