What drives engagement on socials?

Social Media Marketing is the most effective internet marketing tool and is primarily utilised as a ploy to raise awareness …So what drives engagement and interaction on social media?



Though effective in reach, do not overdo it with endless masses of hashtags, as some believe that ‘hashtags are the bad breath of social media’. Aim for receiving quality response instead of quantity.


Having ingenuity and thinking outside the box maximises the most reach. Plus its always good to have an edge on your competitors.

The infamous infographic…

An infographics purpose is to visually present information in a clear and concise manner – an infographic is a better communication tool as its persuasive, memorable and a lot more appealing than plain text and an attached picture.


Handy tips for driving engagement on social media:

  • Storytelling (start a narrative for your audience to follow)
  • Usefulness (have practicality to others)
  • Social Proof: (factors that influence consumers’ decision making)
  • Emotions: (input real emotions and interests of your demographic – not just emojis)

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