What drives engagement on socials?

Social Media Marketing is the most effective internet marketing tool and is primarily utilised as a ploy to raise awareness …So what drives engagement and interaction on social media?



Though effective in reach, do not overdo it with endless masses of hashtags, as some believe that ‘hashtags are the bad breath of social media’. Aim for receiving quality response instead of quantity.


Having ingenuity and thinking outside the box maximises the most reach. Plus its always good to have an edge on your competitors.

The infamous infographic…

An infographics purpose is to visually present information in a clear and concise manner – an infographic is a better communication tool as its persuasive, memorable and a lot more appealing than plain text and an attached picture.


Handy tips for driving engagement on social media:

  • Storytelling (start a narrative for your audience to follow)
  • Usefulness (have practicality to others)
  • Social Proof: (factors that influence consumers’ decision making)
  • Emotions: (input real emotions and interests of your demographic – not just emojis)

#EassonLoudMouth – Launched at Wigan Expo 2016!

#EassonLoudMouth is our new campaign that spotlights businesses across Lancashire. Last Friday we attended the Wigan Expo, and we made loads of new friends and connections. It was Wigan Expos’ seventh year and its one of the largest business expos in the North West, attracting over 1,000 visitors from across the UK. Here are some of the people and their businesses we met:


Pier Fun Casinos are one of the UK’s leading providers of interactive entertainment, specialising in fun casinos. Firstly, Karen from Pier Fun Casinos wowed us with her brilliant display – if there were an award for best exhibition at Wigan Expo 2016, Pier Fun Casinos would indefinitely get our vote.



Karen explained to us about her unique events company, and how she “loves to deal blackjack”. What really drew our attention was how Piers Fun Casino goes that extra mile to personalise their clients’ events, as well as hosting private parties for soap stars (from Coronation St and Emmerdale). Pier Fun Casinos also host cooperate events, charity fundraisers and marketing promotions – to find out more information follow the link.

We met the lovely Diane from Paddock Business Centre, and we couldn’t help but be interested in the term ‘virtual office’, as we didn’t think such a thing existed. This proficient and fantastic service helps you to create a professional first impression without the overheads and expenses of running a full-time office – we love this concept because cutting costs whilst maintaining professionalism is what every business wants.

Paddock Business Centre can provide the perfect meeting rooms for you and your clients – at very affordable rates may we add. Whether you’re a startup company who doesn’t have an office space yet, you can meet and wow your clients at their facilities. To find out more about their impressive services, follow the link.

Recognition Express is the Aladdin’s cave of stationary and everything else you want personalising. Recognition Express has led the way on corporate recognition since 1979. They understand that in an increasingly competitive marketplace first impressions really do count. Every organisation needs to be increasingly recognisable, no pun intended. Follow the link to find out more.

Like us, Metstrategy is a family run business, with real passion and enthusiasm for what they do. We approached the lovely Amy as her engaging display banner intrigued us – we were really fascinated by what Metstrategy do.

Metstrategy is a training and consulting company, wanting to create a real change in all businesses. Their training is more on a psychological level for employees to stop clock watching and actually enjoy working. If you are as intrigued as we then follow the link to find out more, and get involved with their hashtag campaign #engagewigan.

Reparo Finance is a privately owned company with substantial funding lines that offers funding solutions to a wide variety of companies. Liam and Jason from Reparo, told us that Reparo Finance offers a wide range of services from consultancy to Personal Guarantee Insurance – he also told us that Reparo offers fast track business loans, to find more about Reparo and their service then follow the link.

We also met the lovely Angela from Atherton Escape Rooms and we were instantly fascinated in the five individually themed rooms that Atherton Escape Rooms has to offer, and their intriguing names – one being ‘Room Of The Missing Child’. If you don’t know what Atherton Escape Rooms’ is about – basically think Crystal Maze, but a lot more entertaining and updated version. You are locked in a room with your teammates, and using all of your skills and logic along with the clues to hand, you have sixty minutes to escape – also there are three different levels of adversity to choose from.

Atherton Escape Rooms is a truly unique experience and we would definitely advise you to check them out, as its perfect for team building corporate events and family fun days out (10 years old and upwards). Atherton Escape Rooms is also recommended on Trip Advisor so to book or for more information then follow this link…

Mountain Monkeys is the ultimate outdoor experience for any adrenaline junky. They offer a whole range or different unique services for example, Rock Climbing, Axe Throwing, Archery, Raft Building, Caving, Abseiling to name a few. But what is truly different is that they’re mobile, yes that’s right they come to you! This is a really cool innovative company, and we’d definitely recommend you check them out – follow the link.

We were so happy that we introduced ourselve to Alison from The Community Warehouse. The Community Warehouse charity aims to help those who are suffering as a result of poverty, debt or homelessness. Their services help people through crises and to rebuild their lives, giving them stability and peace.

The Community Warehouse provides work experience and employability skills to individuals in long-term unemployment. We are definitely on board with everything this amazing charity does and stands for, to get involved then please follow this link as its an amazing cause and does so much for the community.

We got speaking to Malcolm from Kays Dairy walking out of the expo, and he told us about Kay’s Dairy – a long established milk and grocery delivery company, supplying fresh dairy produce and groceries to thousands of residential customers and over sixty businesses throughout the Wigan area. To find out more information then follow the link.